Innovation is at the heart of our business: we continuously improve our quality, safety and respond to the growing diversity of our users. We are developing, in collaboration with sports coaches, ever more specific exercises, and more robust and accessible equipment.


We use the best materials and processes: stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, heat treatment, hydraulic pistons, adjustable weights. All our apparatus are certified EN16630 and guaranteed up to 10 years.



Being much more than simple gyms, our outdoor fitness parks are centers of sharing, exchange and health thanks to the benefits of sport, the open-air and the Sun combined.


Thus, our mission is to make sport accessible to all, for a peaceful and healthy society. This is why we offer a wide variety of products, meeting the needs of all our users: experienced athletes, beginners, and even their furry companions with a range dedicated to agility courses.


Free and easy to access, outdoor fitness gives access to sport for the whole community.

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Herkules Fitness is committed to reducing our impact on nature, by producing locally, using the best materials to extend product lifespan, removing a large number of controversial chemicals from our production process, and by joining forces with Reforest'Action to save forests.



  • Decision: we help you in the decision making to find
    the solution best suited to your needs


  • Planification: our team is at your disposal to
    help you project through 3D visualisations


  • Installation : with our network of partners
    across Europe we can take charge of the installation

    of your park and amenities.