SN-05 + SN-08 + SN-09

Surfer + Air Walker + Twister

SN-05 + SN-08 + SN-09


Surfer: Hold the handles with both hands and put your feet onto the foot rest. With your legs slightly bent, and the upper body straight, tilt the pelvis to the right and then to the left to set the platform in a swinging motion. Keep your upper body still all the time. Twister: Hold the handles and get on the twisting platform. Slightly bend your legs, keep your torso still. Start rotating your hips right and left as far as you can without having to move your upper body. Twist in a gentle and regular movement. Alternatively, without letting go of the handles, twist your whole body in order to release upper body tensions and stretch your arms. Air Walker: Hold the bar with both hands and carefully step on the foot rests. With legs slightly bent, push them alternately forwards then backwards, as if running in place. Keep your upper body still, look ahead.


Strengthening of the abdominal, leg and lower back muscles. Mobility of the lower limbs, hips and waist.

HEH-14 rameur