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We believe that physical activity is essential for mental health and well-being as well as social interactions. It is increasingly important to have safe, accessible and free outdoor sports spaces. And that, regardless of age or fitness level.

That's why for over 15 years we've been dedicated to creating quality, versatile and accessible outdoor fitness and recreation equipment for all abilities.

Present in almost all of Europe thanks to our many distributors, Herkules Fitness is above all a family business. We are based in Paris where our offices are located and in Chrzanów where the headquarters and warehouses are located.

To date, we have installed over 3600 open access sports parks and we continue to grow globally. Because sport should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.



Our equipment is carefully stored in a warehouse in Poland in large quantities to be able to guarantee fast delivery times.

Herkules Fitness Production.jpg


Our outdoor sports equipment is designed to withstand intensive use by the general public. They are

Architecte sur chantier


We put everything in place to ensure an optimal delivery and installation process for a pleasant reception of your equipment.



We offer the installation service everywhere in France thanks to our partners. We can help you design and choose layout, flooring and small architecture.





Design takes center stage in our design process. Our devices are designed to offer you products that are both attractive and ergonomic. Every detail is carefully thought out to create harmonious, durable and secure sports spaces.

We are constantly striving to push the boundaries and provide new solutions in the field of outdoor sports equipment. Our research and development team is doing its best to be able to offer equipment that is accessible to everyone.

To allow you to project yourself, we use advanced visualization tools, such as realistic 3D renderings, to give you an accurate and concrete representation of the final appearance of your future outdoor sports space.


 Contact-us to benefit of our support 

 and create a unique outdoor sports space project!  

3D rendering, Bd Serrurier, Paris


Innovation is at the heart of our business, in order to always improve our quality, safety and respond to the growing diversity of our users. We are developing, in collaboration with sports coaches, ever more specific exercises, and ever more robust and accessible equipments.





We use the best materials and processes: stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, heat treatment, hydraulic pistons, adjustable weights. All our apparatus is EN16630 certified and guaranteed for up to 10 years.

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The hot-dip galvanized steel tubes are then welded in individual machines using precision jigs to ensure fixture consistency.

Soudure - Herkules Fitness

Except for the stainless range, all our equipments are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, wich provides great durability outdoors, despite intensive use by the general public..​


These materials allow us to produce 100% recyclable equipments.

soudure - Herkules Fitness

The welds are then cleaned of greasy residue with a pressurized sand technique to prepare the metal for painting.


To further protect the equipment, an additional layer of zinc primer is added to each machine.


Apart from the stainless steel series, each piece of equipment is covered with a thick layer of Dupont static paint which is then powder coated in an oven at 200 degrees.


Peinture - Herkules Fitness
Peinture Herkules Fitness

In order to better protect our equipment from bad weather and scratches, the top and floor covers are made from painted aluminium, which is more resistant than galvanized steel.

Powder coating can be done from any RAL color, for any color changes, contact us.

All Herkules Fitness seats are screwed on which allows them to be replaced if necessary.

To meet your needs, we offer seats and footrests in galvanized steel, stainless steel and HDPE.

The handles are made of rubber and glued to the apparatus to prevent theft. The handles are made of 100% recyclable plastic from partly recycled sources.


All of our bearings are stainless steel closed bearings made by renowned manufacturer DSK Japan.


Finitions - Herkules Fitness
Finitions - Herkules Fitness

Our equipment is carefully stored in a 5000m2 warehouse in Poland. We therefore have each apparatus in large quantities to be able to guarantee fast delivery times.




We ensure that each product is carefully packaged and protected to ensure delivery in perfect condition. Our experienced team uses recycled packaging materials and packaging methods adapted to each type of product.

Prior to delivery, each piece of equipment undergoes a rigorous verification and inspection process to ensure compliance with current safety standards.

To deliver our products to you within the agreed timeframe, we work closely with our logistics partners to organize an efficient and punctual delivery. We closely monitor every step of the delivery process to keep you informed and ensure your equipment arrives safely at its destination.


We offer the installation service everywhere in France thanks to our partners. We can help you design and choose layout, flooring and small architecture.​​​​

The planning and cost of each installation depends on many factors - contact us for a quote!



Herkules is committed to reducing our impact on nature, producing in Europe to reduce transport, using the best materials to extend their lifespan as much as possible, removing a large number of controversial chemicals from our production process, using recyclable materials and partnering with Reforest'Action to save forests.


At the end of the project, you can ask to receive a Reforest'Action certificate attesting to the number of trees planted thanks to your project.

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