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Herkules Fitness is much more than sports equipment. With more than 3600 sports parks installed throughout Europe, our know-how goes far beyond our machines. We will be able to accompany you throughout your project, because your project is also ours.


Good advice is preceded by good listening. The Herkules team offers you personalized support for the duration of the project in order to create the outdoor sports area that suits you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information, we will be happy to answer you.

With over 15 years of experience, we know the world of outdoor fitness better than anyone. Therefore, we are here to help you choose and design the fitness space of your dreams. We support you in the choice of your devices and their layout, so that they meet the needs of your audience, while integrating as well as possible into their environment.


Our equipment is customizable, our parks are tailor-made. Choose your apparatus and we compose them for you thanks to our system of double, triple and quadruple pylons. Create your unique park thanks to our wide choice of colors.



All the apparatus as well as the panels are designed in the colors of Herkules Fitness, using our flagship colors: yellow and gray.
Nevertheless, Herkules Fitness is committed to creating a park that suits you. So you can choose to customize your colors. Please consult us for any special order and we will adapt our supports according to your wishes.


To accompany our apparatus, we provide several panels to inform the user as much as possible. Our panels can be personalized with your colors. For any special request, contact us!

Each Herkules Fitness apparatus is equipped with a fixed and durable information panel. Each plaque includes exercise information, its function, tips on how to perform the exercise, and a QR code that leads to the free Herkules Fitness app with video instructions.

The signs are in 2-3 languages and contain the necessary legal notices, restrictions on the use of equipment and emergency contact details.


We support each user in their outdoor training thanks to our free mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our app allows our beginner users to be able to perform the exercises as well as possible and thus guarantee a good use of our machines. Our sports areas are as much connected to nature as they are to our users.


To help you project yourself as much as possible, we produce all the visuals possible to allow you to imagine your future park as well as possible. The layouts are ideal for becoming aware of the apparatus in their environment, and the space needed to use them in complete safety.

We carry out layouts in DWG format to have an optimal rendering of your parks in 2D format and facilitate the integration of each machine while respecting the safety and evolution distances stipulated by the EN16630:2015 standard.

We also carry out 3D visualizations of our equipment for free to be able to visualize your future fleet in volume and scale.


To get your fitness equipment to you as quickly as possible, we make our teams of partner distributors available throughout Europe.

Thanks to our distribution networks, we are able to deliver carefully anywhere in Europe and beyond. Contact us directly for your project.


To guarantee the longevity and safety of your area, we provide our teams of partner installers. They are trained specifically for our products.

We offer the installation service everywhere in France thanks to our partners. We can help you design and choose layout, flooring and small architecture.

The planning and cost of each installation depends on many factors - contact us for a quote!

Promotional videos

The installation of an outdoor fitness park shakes up the habits and practices of its residents, by offering them the possibility of practicing a quality sporting activity, free of charge, around the corner. It is still necessary that they are aware of the existence of your park!

We know how exciting and engaging an outdoor fitness park project can be! A few months sometimes pass between the first contact and the opening of the park, and such a project deserves to be highlighted. That's why we offer a video production service, so that you can communicate about your new fitness park within your community.

Our videos are of professional quality since we work with production companies.

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